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The fourth International Conference on Shared Parenting will be held in Strasbourg on November 22 and 23, 2018. Being under the auspices of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland, and supported by the City of Strasbourg, this conference represents a landmark in the implementation of children’s rights in situations of parental separation and divorce.

Specialists in the field of shared parenting – representing both the academic sciences and the legal and family professions – are invited to present their research results and professional practice accounts at this interdisciplinary conference.

The theme of this conference will be “Shared Parenting, Social Justice and Children´s Rights”

The first ICSP conference, held in July 2014 in Bonn, Germany, focused on bridging the gap between empirical evidence and socio-legal practice.
The second conference, held in December 2015 also in Bonn, Germany, discussed best practices for the legislative and psycho-social implementation of shared parenting as a viable and beneficial solution for children whose parents are living apart.
The third conference, held in May 2017 in Boston, MA, examined whether the current state of knowledge has reached a watershed in regard to understanding children’s best interests in separation and divorce, and concluded that shared parenting is in fact commensurate with children’s best interests in the great majority of cases.
The detailed conclusions of this last conference will be published in a special issue of the Journal of Child Custody in 2018.

Shared parenting as in the best interests of children of separated parents has become a crucial issue for practitioners and policymakers around the globe. Within judicial systems, both parents are now increasingly recognized as vital in their children’s lives after separation and divorce.

The following questions will be addressed during the conference in both plenary and workshop presentations:

  • To what extent and how is shared parenting promoted as a legal presumption in legal and judicial systems, at national or supra-national levels, for supporting children’s rights?
  • To what degree is shared parenting promoted as a means for improving and sustaining the work-life balance between women and men in both two-parent families and after parental separation and divorce?
  • How can professionals support divorcing parents and influence social attitudes and knowledge about shared parenting and children’s well-being and rights?

We invite submissions for two types of presentations to the ICSP scientific committee:

(1) oral presentations that correspond to completed scientific research and practical accounts; or
(2) posters that correspond to ongoing research and practical accounts.

The conference aims to encourage international reflection on shared parenting. Scientists, researchers, child and family professionals, and members of civil society, from the fields of justice, social work, psychology, sociology, and other academic disciplines concerned with children’s rights and wellbeing are warmly invited to present and discuss their findings.

Submission information

If you are interested in submitting a poster or a paper for consideration to present at the conference:

Please prepare and submit a 150-250 word abstract of your poster or a 350-450 word abstract of your oral presentation (file format .doc / docx, .odt, .txt) by 29 March 2018 (extended deadline).

The abstract should be preferably written in English. Nevertheless, French language will be also considered.

Your proposal will be reviewed by members of the ICSP Scientific Committee, and notifications of acceptance will be made by 15 May 2018.

For enhancing the presentation quality, the scientific committee will use the following criteria for selecting the submitted abstracts. Before submitting your abstract, you are invited to check whether it meet these criteria:

1 - Relevance to at least one of the conference themes
2 - Links to existing research, literature, or practice
3 - Sound/suitable methodologies or practice
4 - Concrete /coherent findings/outputs
5 - Significant contribution with innovative/practical ideas
6 - Quality of the proposal writing

How to submit

Thank you very much for your interest in submitting an abstract / a paper to apply for participating with a presentation at the International Conference on Shared Parenting, being held in Strasbourg, France, 22 - 23 November 2018.

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Angela Hoffmeyer
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Scientific Committee:

Chairs of the Scientific Committee:

Dr. Chantal Clot-Grangeat
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Prof Dr. Michel Grangeat
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Co-Chair of the Scientific Committee 2018


To submit an abstract / a paper for our upcoming event, please perform the following steps:

  • Register to this website, if you do not yet have an account
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